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The Minister of Commerce & Industry opens Maker Faire International Exhibition with the Participation of 80 Projects

The Minister of Commerce & Industry opens  Maker Faire International Exhibition with the Participation of 80 Projects

Al-Rowdhan:  The "Maker Faire – Kuwait" Projects Contribute to Strengthening the "Made in Kuwait "  logo.

- Bader Al-Subaie: By organizing the exhibition, Kuwait Investment Co. seeks to promote ambitious projects and ideas on the map of local and international industry.

- Al-Sager: NBK  always seeks to support young national talents and cadres in all fields.

-  "Maker Faire – Kuwait" welcomes  young makers from all Arab countries to participate in the events of next year's 2018 exhibition .

- 4  students of the Faculty of Engineering: We have invented a device for diabetic persons to discover cuts using infrared rays and by using a microscopic camera

Kuwait – 9 February 2017:

The representative of His Highness the Amir, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al Sabah, His Excellency, the Minister of Commerce and Industry, Khaled Al-Rowdhan, opened on Thursday, 9 February 2017 the Maker Faire – Kuwait 2017 Exhibition organized by Kuwait Investment Company for the first time in the State of Kuwait over a period of three days at the Kuwait International Exhibitions Grounds in Mishref, Hall No. 5.

Minister Al-Rowdhan took a tour of the exhibition in which he looked at 80 projects participating in the this exhibition which is being held for the first time in the State of Kuwait and the region. He asserted that the Ministry is keen upon supporting industrial projects in general and innovative maker projects that are diversified technological, technical and trades projects in a multitude of fields that served many segments of society. He pointed out that the coming phase will witness a qualitative shift in this regard in light of the State's plan to diversity sources of revenue that will be an addition to the oil revenues. 


Al-Rowdhan lauded  the role played by Kuwait Investment Co.  in organizing the Maker Faire – Kuwait exhibition in a manner that  highlights the prestigious position occupied by the State of Kuwait, and expressed the wish to see this exhibition being held at a wider scale during the coming few years.

Promoting the National Product

In his turn, the chief executive officer   of Kuwait Investment Company,  Bader Al-Subaie, said that organizing  the exhib8ition at this time, as Kuwait is celebrating national occasions and the anniversary of the accession by HH the Amir to the Emirate, is a national duty designed to contribute to supporting and diversifying the national economy because this important event definitely promotes the national product by presenting ambitious industrial projects and ideas that are first subjected to evaluation by a panel of highly professional judges that select key projects to support and develop at a later stage.

Al-Subaie pointed out that Kuwait Investment Company's objective from organizing the exhibition is to promote the idea of industry in the minds of all members of society by simplifying this concept and highlighting those creative products and innovative young industries, with a view to present ideas in all fields of technological, engineering technical and trade endeavors and help them  take their right place on the map of local and global industry. At the same time, he called upon all entities and institutions of the state to encourage this industry which needs their support and patronage.

He went on to say that the exhibition  features a huge multitude of ideas and projects that certainly enrich our life in many aspects and areas including the technological, medical, engineering, technical and trades fields  by ambitious Kuwaiti and Gulf young individuals who possess tremendous energy,  are endowed with many talents and enjoy the ability to accept challenges and prove themselves and their readiness to participate in achieving a better future through the development and growth of our countries. He called upon young people and makers in other Arab countries to participate in next year's event, emphasizing that the exhibition welcomes idea and talents from all Arab countries.

Al-Subaie expressed thanks to all entities which sponsored the Maker Faire exhibition: National Bank of Kuwait, the Ministry of Youth Affairs, The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science, Kuwait International Exhibition Company, KAMCO Investment Company, McDonalds, Toyota Al-Sayer, Industrial Bank of Kuwait, Ministry of Information, the Tourism Sector, KIC Financial Brokerage, Al-Awaliah Cars Company and Al-Rai Media Group which have sponsored the exhibition. He also thanked the various media and news agencies which have been careful to cover the events of this important occasion.

NBK Platinum Sponsorship

Speaking on this occasion,  the CEO of the National Bank of Kuwait Group, Essam Al-Sager, said that  NBK is strongly committed to discharge its social responsibility and has been a leader this field throughout its long, rich history of initiatives designed to serve society. The Bank, he said, is proud of Kuwaitis in every walk of life, and it is only natural to NBK to participate in Maker Faire as a Platinum sponsor because the bank finds genuine satisfaction in ensuring that it keeps pace with the interests of young Kuwaitis and fulfilling their needs. 

Al-Sager added that NBK has always sought to convey its social mission across through cooperation in social work with all  effective companies and establishments in Kuwait, and that was why it is co-operation with Kuwait Investment Company to organize this exhibition for the first time in Kuwait.

He went on to say that young people possess talents and creative ideas that should be supported in order to ensure that they bear the right fruits through proper execution. He said he was happy to see that young Kuwaitis have been quite successful in establishing and operating their own projects, and for this treason, NBK will continue to support our young nationals and invest them  in order to enable them to become more effective members of society.

Al-Sager emphasized that the support and patronage given by His Highness the Amir, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al Sabah to this exhibition underlines the State's keen desire to look after our young persons and support them in order to enable them to develop industrial projects that would be the nucleus for major projects in the near future.  He was pleased, he said, that the exhibition coincides with Kuwait's celebrations of the national  days and with the selection of Kuwait as the capital of Arab youth.

Participation in the Activities

Speaking of NBK's participation in the activities of the first day of the exhibition, Al-Sager said that the Bank carried out the draw on Al-Jawhara Prizes  of KD 5000.  He added that there will be an announcements within the campaign designated for rewarding the holders of Visa credit cards with a private jet trip to Dubai for two persons, including the return air fare and stay at a hotel of the winner's choice. This, he said, is in addition to other prizes that will be given during the period of the exhibition.

Al-Sager said he was happy that NBK is a member of the exhibition's judging panel which will select the best projects in the field of industry. He urged the visitors of the exhibition to participate in its events and view with real interest the new ideas, projects and products. He encouraged them to work with the judging panel by expressing their remarks which would help identify the best projects that would be worth supporting and executing.

The event ended with the announcement of 5 winners from each category (art and Tech.) as the following:

Art Zone

الاسمالمركزاسم المشروع
نواف حسين الودعاني1stlampshades
علي طاهر المزيدي2ndKuwait knives maker
فهد فالح الهاجري3rdChainsaw wood carving
محمد اسماعيل درويش4thمجسمات فلين
ندى عبدالله الخراز5thMama work

Tech Zone

الاسمالمركزاسم المشروع
Isa ezzat Al Aryan1stDiabetic wound detector
Fatma Abbas Taqi2ndThe harvesting robot
Fatma Thari Al Rasheedi3rdAbility wheelchair
Rawan Yagoub Alasad4thRico
Saleh Ali AlHodi5thExercise devise


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