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?In the presence of officials from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, National Bank of Kuwait and Kuwait International Fair Company


Nimer Al Sabah: MakerFaire Kuwait represents an important segment of society and succeeded in bringing together innovators and makers from various countries of the world.

Al-Ahmed: The events of the third round of MakerFaire 2019 will bring many surprises including doubling the exhibition area to accommodate a higher number of participants.

MakerFaire opens the door for makers to communicate with investors to finance and develop their projects.

Al-Rashdan: Kuwait Investment Company has a rich history of social projects undertaken over more than 55 years.

 Kuwait Investment Company  has just wrapped up the activities of MakerFaire  - Kuwait 2018  Exhibition which KIC has organized   under the patronage of His Highness the Amir, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah over a period of five days of a huge success and popular acclaim. The number of visitors to the Exhibition jumped to 43,000 from 17,000 last year.

The closing ceremony witnessed the honoring of 15 winning projects out of 185 projects that participated in the Exhibition. The winners, voted by the public and the jury panel, were awarded prizes  in the amount of US $ 30,000.

The Exhibition closing and prize awarding ceremony  was attended by the Assistant Under-secretary for International Organizations and Foreign Trade at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Sheikh Nimer Al-Sabah, the General Manager of Kuwait Investment Company,  Mr. Fawwaz Al-Ahmed, the Assistant General Manager of National Bank of Kuwait, Mrs. Manal Al-Mutar, the Chief Executive Officer of Kuwait International Fair Company, Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Nassar and a large number of officials and representatives of the various media.

An Important Segment

Speaking on the occasion, the Assistant Under-secretary for International Organizations and Foreign Trade at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Sheikh Nimer Al-Sabah, told reporters during the closing ceremony: MakerFaire – Kuwait, which has been organized by Kuwait Investment Company, represents an important segment of society, namely, makers and innovators, and has become a platform for both innovators and project owners from all over the world. "

He added: "We are always happy at the holding of this kind of exhibitions under the umbrella of "Kuwait Expo 2018". We are more than satisfied to see Kuwaitis, expatriates and visitors joyfully roaming about the exhibition which has been professionally organized. The presence of an international jury at MakerFaire – Kuwait is quite impressive, as the jury members  can help transfer existing talents and support them in order to convert ideas into industrial projects."

Sheikh Nimer went on to  say that "the projects initiated by young people receive the right amount of support from the Ministry which has a whole team responsible for supporting the owners of small projects. As  Kuwait Expo comes to an end, we are happy to see that it has achieved its objectives, having attained the level of organizational excellence desired by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry which will continue to strive along these lines in the holding of future specialized exhibitions."

"In the coming years", he explained, "there will be larger and more extensive exhibitions. Young Kuwaitis are participating in all international exhibitions that are held abroad, and their participation is always financed by the State or the General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council. I am proud to say that the Kuwaiti participants have invariably occupied the first positions."

Sheikh Nimer said that Kuwaiti exports are growing at strong rates,  while the Ministry provides support to trade exchange by simplifying procedures and cutting red tape, as can be seen in the increasing foreign participations in Kuwait Expo Exhibition. Our success in achieving this reflects positively on the strategic presence of the State of Kuwait in the international arena, thanks to a large extent to the ongoing efforts of the Ministry to attract investors from all countries of the world.

A Huge Success

Commenting on what MakerFaire- Kuwait 2018 has achieved, KIC General Manager, Fawwaz Al-Ahmed, said: "the Exhibition was a huge success and the results exceeded those of the first round held last year, which was only the beginning and surpassed expectations. This year, the Exhibition achieved excellent results in terms of participants, sponsors, visitors and prizes at reached $ 30,000. There were 15 winners this year, compared to 10 last year. Project  participations particularly from abroad, were more diversified We had participations from the USA, Malaysia, Germany, Indonesia, the GCC countries, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon.

Speaking to journalists at the closing ceremony of  MakerFaire – Kuwait 2018, Al-Ahmed said: "Kuwait Investment Company continues to hold this exhibition every year, and next year's round will include many surprises. The exhibition will request a much larger space that will accommodate the requirements that are expected to be more than what we have seen this year in terms of participations and visitors. Furthermore, we will develop the exhibition in order to achieve quality improvements in every respect, let alone the numerous surprises we plan to include in the 2019 round."

Al-Ahmed clarified that KIC's role is to ensure the quality of the exhibition venue for the participants, investors and public so that they may be able to examine  the participating projects before they can consider supporting and developing them. In fact, some 90% of the participating projects are still in their early stages.

He explained that the projects this year were both diverse and  rich with ideas in the fields of technology, arts and trades. Several participations were in such fields as electronics, mechanics, virtual reality and mobile phone applications. In the area of applied arts there were various projects such as clay works, metal engraving, sand engraving and wood formation art.

About the possibility of work, he said, this possibility would depend on the need of makers for support and development for their projects, for any idea needs considerable effort, research and money for development until it reaches the standard that would satisfy investors who would be attracted by some ideas that they would eventually adopt, develop and support. Indeed, there are many projects that any investor may launch and develop, and a good number of commercial projects have already achieved considerable success with the public.

Al-Ahmed emphasized that MakerFaire Kuwait opens the door for individual makers to communicate with investors. The philosophy of MakerFaire is not merely to present the idea at the exhibition and leave after the exhibition ends, but basically to implement idea through workshops conducted directly in the presence of the visiting members of the public.

An Important Exhibition With Specific Targets

The chairman of the Organizing Committee and Senior Manager of Public Relations at Kuwait Investment Company, Talal Al-Rashdan, lauded the efforts of sponsors and supporters of the MakerFaire – Kuwait 2018 Exhibition. He expressed thanks to His Highness the Amir, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah  for his generous patronage of the Exhibition. He also expressed thanks and appreciation to National Bank of Kuwait  whose presence and participation in the Exhibition activities was strongly felt, and whose Platinum membership of MakerFaire was quite evident and valuable. He also expressed thanks to Kuwait Airways Company, Kuwait Financial Center, Al-Ula Fuel Marketing Company, Babtain Group, Industrial Bank of Kuwait, Gas and Oil Fields Company, Equate Petrochemicals, Commercial Facilities Company, Ministry of Youth Affairs, ACECO Industries Company, KIC Financial Brokerage Company, Enertech Holding Company, Ministry of Information and Al-Ray Media Group. Al-Rashdan thanked all  written, audio, visual and social media for their efforts in highlighting the creative and innovative projects of Kuwaiti and Arab youth.

Al-Rashdan went on to say that Kuwait Investment Company, through the MakerFaire international exhibition, succeeded in enhancing the international image of the State of Kuwait at the local, regional and global levels and in strengthening Kuwait's presence on the map of the world's biggest and most successful exhibitions that support youth projects and industries in general, having been awarded the first prize  for the best exhibition last year.

Al-Rashdan also said: "Kuwait Investment Company is proud of its social mission that the company has been following for more than 55 years through effective social participations and projects undertaken since the Company's inception. Today, KIC is enriching its record by organizing and holding MakerFaire – Kuwait 2018 Exhibition, not only locally but also at the level of the Middle East. Actually, MakerFaire – Kuwait 2018 is the 225th exhibition held at the global level by MakerFaire's mother company which is based in the USA, since the  incorporation of the company in New York in 2006.

Al-Rashdan explained  that the next MakerFaire  exhibition will be held in 2019 and will be much stronger, will contain numerous surprises and is expected to have more than 100 participants in its 3rd round.

The Winning Projects at MakerFaire – Kuwait 2018 Exhibition

The Organizing Committee of MakerFaire – Kuwait announced the winning projects at the end of the project events.  There were 15 winners 10 of whom belonged to participants in the fields of technology and applied arts. The winners were selected through voting by the public at the Exhibition through the MakerFaire Kuwait mobile phone application. Give other winners were selected by the jury:

First: Projects selected by the jury:

  1. Fantasy Scrap in the name of Mansour Hashem Al-Awadhi from Kuwait
  2. Fashion Accessories Manufacturing, in the name of Ali Rustum from Bahrain
  3. Rover, in the name of Nabil Abdullah from the UAE
  4. School Bus Arrival Alert Device from the State of Qatar
  5. Doll Manufacturing, in the name of Ibtihal from Kuwait.

Second: Projects selected through public voting at the Exhibition:

(1)  The Field of Technology

  1. MaWaa -  Open Arab University, Kuwait Branch.
  2. HAND Therapy – Kuwait University
  3. Smart Eyes  - from India
  4. Sign It  - American University of Kuwait
  5. Remote Operation Vehicle Under Water (American University of the Middle East)

(2)  The Field of Arts and Trades

  1. Making of Olympic Weapons Stocks – Saad Lafi Al-Mutairi from Kuwait)
  2. Wooden Furniture – Yahya Jragh from Kuwait
  3. Embodiment of Arabic Calligraphy – Hassanain Al-Raml from Saudi Arabia
  4. Lamp Shade - Nawwaf Al-Wada'ani from Kuwait
  5. Embodiment of Small Models – Omar Al-Hamad from Kuwait

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