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Fund Objective

To achieve high returns through investing in Kuwait companies listed in Kuwait Stock Exchange and investment funds.

Fund Summary

Fund Name: Al-Raed
Currency: KD
Units: 1,000
Market: Kuwait
Type: Equity


Updates As Of: 16-Nov-2017
Inception Date: 01-Oct-2001
NAV Per Unit: 1.013
Fund DetailFund PerformanceMonthly PerformanceAnnual PerformanceHistorical NAVs
Legal Structure: Open-Ended
Fund Size: KD 5,000,000 to KD 250,000,000
Subscription: Open to all nationalities
Redemption: Weekly
MGMT Fee: 1.5% per annum.
Subscription Fee: None
Custodian: Burgan Bank
Custodian Fee: 0.100 % per annum.
Auditor: Russell Bedford Bader al-abdaljader and partners office
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