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Fund Objective

aims at achieving capital appreciation by investing in shares listed in Kuwait Stock Exchange, as well as investing the available cash in the form of deposits with the company managing it or affiliates or associates if the company or companies are engaged in banking activities. The available cash may also be invested in units of investment funds which are not contradicting with the provisions of Islamic law and which are not for financing purposes and are in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia.

Fund Summary

Fund Name: Kuwait Inv
Currency: KD
Units: 1,000
Market: Kuwait
Type: Equity


Updates As Of: 31-Oct-2017
Inception Date: 22-Jul-2003
NAV Per Unit: 0.743
Fund DetailFund PerformanceMonthly PerformanceAnnual PerformanceHistorical NAVs
Legal Structure: Open-Ended
Fund Size: KD 5,000,000 to KD 100,000,000
Subscription: Open to all nationalities
Redemption: Monthly
MGMT Fee: 10% From Net Profit
Subscription Fee: None
Custodian: Kuwait Clearing Company
Custodian Fee: 0.2 % From Net Asset
Auditor: RSM Albazie & Co
Sharea Auditor: Al-Mashoura & Al-Raya for Islamic Finance Consulted
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